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What Are the Most Effective Marketing Methods for a Fiverr Seller?

How to Promote a Gig on Fiverr

One of the biggest differences between Fiverr and many other freelancing/outsourcing websites is that Fiverr makes buyers contact freelancers. Meanwhile, most other website require freelancers to bid on the client’s projects.

Having buyers come to you is fantastic because it saves you the time and hassle associated with bidding on jobs, getting turned down, etc. When the buyer comes to you, all you have to do is produce!

But there is a challenge: Fiverr has millions of gigs for sale. How in the world can you compete with so many other sellers? How can you make your gig stand out in the crowd?

Promotional Tips from the Pros

Although I have several strategies for promoting and selling gigs online, I thought that it would be more beneficial to share several great ideas from other successful Fiverr sellers. So here they are!

Go Above and Beyond – JoseLozano

I have a gig for website content. If you give me 5 dollars, I will create a high converting post of 300 to 450 words. The truth is that I love to write, and to be honest, my creative being needs more words to decently nail an idea, so most of my customers really get 500 to 650 words when they only paid for up to 450.

This really had a great effect, not only because of the great feedback, which is almost guaranteed to be awesome (think about it, you delivered more than your customer’s expectations), but also, this gave me a lot of returning customers, and the great thing about it is that they started to purchase the extras.

Use the Fiverr Forum – Magellon

A good way to promote yourself is to participate in this forum, asking questions and answering questions, helping others, but be careful not to promote your Gigs or username directly, that would be s*pamming the forum. Just help others, and naturally people will want to know who you are and what you are offering. You also have the Fiverr LinkedIn social group.

Use Social Media – Bachas85

When you’re a newbie… promote your gigs on social media. When you get the ball rolling, and provide superior services…. word of mouth referrals will bring you most of your orders.

Get Feedback Fast! – ProReviews

I think the most important thing to get a new gig rolling is to get feedback. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. When you are shopping for a service, which one are you most likely to purchase? The one from the seller with zero feedback that has been around for a month, or the seller that has been open for business for 2 years and has 5 star rating with 300 feedback. So if you’re a new seller, do whatever it takes to get those first sales and feedback. And like joselozano was saying, going above and beyond is what will create the impact with your customers that will make them want to leave you amazing feedback that will convince other prospective buyers that they want to do business with you.

Let me share some tips:

1. Promoting your gig on relevant blogs/forums: For e.g if your gig is related to graphic/art, so you can find blogs and write a comment on a existing post leaving your gig url there or you can add your gig link in the signature to relevant forums (forums related to graphics in this case) and start posting some information in such forums so that you get target viewers to your fiverr gig.

2. Add creative youtube videos which gives an idea what you are providing and share it on social media websites like facebook, twitter, Pinterest .

3. Finding leads on LinkedIn and pitching your gig. You can filter your target group in linkedIn and then start interacting with them and after few days of conversation , pitch your gig to them. Let them see your testimonials. Consider yourself lucky if you convince a company to resell your service.

Grow a Mustache – KyleSchieffer

My marketing strategy:

I have a sensational moustache and a big vocabulary.

Humor sells.  I’ve been here some 20 days and sold 52 gigs.  Be original, be excellent, and grow a moustache.

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Promote Yourself!

Do you have any tips or tricks for promoting gigs that haven’t been mentioned above? Share them! Would you like tips for promoting your own gig better? Share a link to your gig in the comments section and I will give you some suggestions.

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  • John

    The most effective method is to suggest something unique. I have found new source of unique Fiverr gig ideas here:
    Most of them (90%) are really unique. I have implemented these Fiverr gig ideas on Fiverr as well as on other freelancer platforms. Some of services based on these ideas help me to make some money. You may try them also.
    You may search for ideas in the web, but most of them are not unique. To my mind you have to suggest something really unique to stand out of the crowd.

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