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March 18, 2014Business Tips Standard

If you would like to know REAL ways of making money online, this post is for you.

I spent one semester of my university experience studying abroad in Australia. During that semester I had one conversation that really motivated me to start searching for ways to make money online.

As a business student, I was as enthralled with entrepreneurship as just about every person in my generation. And then, when I had a conversation with two programmers, I knew that online entrepreneurship was something worth pursuing!

These two programmers worked for a company in New York. However, they only had to spend 3 months in the office every year! The rest of the time, as long as they were able to get online and do their work, they could be anywhere. Therefore, these two guys were spending two months in Australia – and getting paid for it.

After that, I begin playing around with different online money-making opportunities. Now, I’m not a programmer, so that wasn’t going to work, but I could write a little, and I enjoy marketing great ideas – and thus I pursued those industries.

Websites That You Can Earn Money With

wild man

wild man

Now, there are no get-rich-quick opportunities that work for you (unless you’re the guy that makes it). Not only are they a waste of time, but I consider them generally unethical.

However, there are some websites that you can actually work with to make money doing actual jobs, or simply doing your everyday activities. Consider these:


I wrote an article several years back about how to make money with HubPages and I would recommend that you read it. I’ve written almost 100 articles (most during my time as a HubPages Apprentice). Not only has this been fun, but I’ve made over $600 from these articles – and I keep earning every month – even if I don’t write!


Of course, this website ( is primarily about making money with Fiverr – as I am confident that you can earn both from buying and selling gigs. As I have mentioned in several articles, make sure that the tasks you decide to do are worth your time – it’s no fun to realize that you are making $1/hr when you thought you would be making $20 in the same amount of time.

One of the biggest challenges with getting started on Fiverr is getting those first couple of purchases. There are many ways to promote your Fiverr gig for free and you can also consider paid promotion (such as our gig review service). As you become a higher-rated seller, Fiverr will do more of the promotion for you – saving you time and money.


While Fiverr allows you to post tasks that you are willing to do, Odesk let’s employers post freelance jobs and then you apply for them. The plus side of Odesk for freelance workers is that you don’t have to sit and wait for people to buy your gig – you can start contacting sellers immediately. I have made several thousand on Odesk and I would recommend that you check this site out for yourself.

Bing Search

I am not a fan of many of these “paid per activity” websites – where they try to get you to sign up for free trials, or push you from here-to-there for a few pennies. However, I have enjoyed using Bing Search because it gives me points for doing my regular searches! I simply made msn my primary search tool (as opposed to Google).

Although this does not pay a lot, it’s amazing how fast your searches can add up! I actually purchased about $40 of Groupon gift cards using last year’s search income. It’s a nice little surprise bonus for a special night out.

More to Come

Although I have played around with MANY other ways to make money online, I have not been impressed with many of them. However, as time goes on, I will continue to add to this list of websites that you can use to make some additional money from.

Do you have any other ways that you earn online? I would love to have you share them here.

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