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Upselling Your Fiverr Gig – $5 and Beyond

Ever since I began selling on Fiverr, I have not been able to keep it to myself. Many of my friends and family members have set up their own personal accounts, but frequently, they’re stumped as to why their sales don’t reflect their expected potential. One of the things I’m asked most frequently is “How do I sell more than $5.00 per gig?” or “How can I get my buyers to purchase my gig extras?” and the answer is actually really, really simple.

Be the buyer.

It’s easy to become tied up in the nuances of our gigs, especially since some of them can be quite detailed depending on the service offered. It’s even easier to get lost in the ‘marketing of ourselves’, since more often than not, we tend to focus on how to put our best image forward for the client. In order to upsell and get the most from a $5.00 gig, you need to become your customer. Gaining perspective on your gig and being able to adjust your tactics accordingly can be the make-it or break-it moment for your gig.

Here’s a few tips to market yourself for the upsell and give your clients exactly what they need.

Use Your Inbox Fiverr has a strict policy on what words can and cannot be used in a message, with an equally strict filter, causing many users to shy away from utilizing it. However, using your inbox correctly can be a great way to earn more leads and create a rapport with your client base. Be sure to reply to every message in a timely manner, even if the offer isn’t something you can do. In the future, clients will remember your timely response and come to you for services you can perform, because they know that you’re truly available to them.  

Cross Sell to Your Other Gigs! If, for example, you are a writer, it may also be beneficial to start a proofreading gig. By offering your clients an additional option in the same niche, you can begin keeping their business for multiple projects, instead of limiting yourself to one aspect of their needs. Instead of requiring multiple Fiverr’s for a single job, make yourself the one-stop shop!

Make Other Friends on Fiverr. Many sellers will recognize that you cannot do everything but will message you ‘just in case’. If a buyer messages you with an offer, but you’re unable to take on the task, thank them for the offer and suggest a different Fiverr that may be able to help them.  It’s easy to build rapport with your clients and other Fiverr sellers this way. Next time they need your specific service, they’re sure to think of you first! This shows that you know the community you work within, and that you’re dedicated to your business.

Purchase Other Gigs. Experience what your buyers are experiencing. Go to another Fiverr seller’s page (even better if you purchase one that does what you do) and rate the experience. See what other Fiverr buyers are dealing with when they view and purchase gigs. Are you satisfied with your experience? What would you do to make it better? Make a list of improvements for yourself and then get to work! Update your gigs and adapt your style to better suit your customer and their needs.

In addition, you can purchase other gigs to promote your own. For example, you can have another seller create a video reviewing your Fiverr gig, or have them create a catchy jingle for your Fiverr brand. Have a peek around and see what creative items you can come up with, then let loose on your social media! Youtube and Facebook are great ways to post your Fiverr purchases and bring in extra business.

Don’t Forget the Details!  Of course, your gig extras can be powerful tools to help upsell your gig as well. If you’re stuck on what to offer your buyers, think about the little details that you may be overlooking (and performing for free). If you provide artistic services, consider letting your clients have the option of purchasing editable copies of your work or offer an extra for multiple reviews. This is a great choice for web designers, logo creators, cartoon animators and many others, who would like to offer their VIP clients the chance to redesign their image multiple times. You can advertise this extra as a special feature for preferred buyers or as insurance, so that the buyer is sure to get what they want. Additionally, for writers and proofreaders, offering to do extra research is a great way to upsell your gig. Not only does this give your buyer a higher quality piece of writing, you will be better compensated for your time doing that extra work on those hard topics. Finally, offering faster turnaround times is a great option for those who want to start with a simple gig extra, and have the time to complete them. Offering a faster turnaround will draw in those last minute buyers who need their work back extra quick! This is an easy gig extra to upsell and will often bring your clients back repeatedly.

With a little inbox experience and some fun networking, it will be easy for you to create some extra income from your Fiverr extras and gigs. Upselling doesn’t have to be hard! Just remember to be the buyer, as well as the seller, and you will be able to satisfy the needs of both! I hope you enjoyed reading these tips on how to upsell your Fiverr gig! I’m eager to hear about your own tips and tricks for creating Fiverr success, so please feel free to comment!

This article written by Fiverr seller Cassandra

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