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The Ethics of Buying and Selling on Fiverr

For anyone with a laptop, is a potential source of income. If you can write, edit photos, make crafts, or record videos of yourself doing something idiotic, then you can make money on Fiverr.

Fiverr works hard to make sure that all of the gigs on their website are legal, but they are not all necessarily ethical. In fact, Fiverr is a place that allows for both buyers and sellers to find ways of making money without doing what’s “right”.

Being ethical on Fiverr simply means doing business in a way that does not attempt to cheat or deceive buyers, sellers, or customers.

If you use Fiverr, consider avoiding activities that make you money, but at the expense of someone else. Both parties can benefit from Fiverr – but keep it fair, honest, and real. Not only is this ethically correct, but it will benefit your business more in the long run.

Gigs to Avoid Buying and Selling on Fiverr

Apparently, there are many people willing to sell their morality for $5. Whether you are a buyer or seller, avoid doing business with the following gigs. They are dishonest and continue to add to the “muck” that clouds up the internet:

  • Fake testimonials: When you promote something, your integrity is on the line. Get honest testimonials from someone who has actually experienced the product or service.
  • Fake followers, likes, and views: Sellers often offer these services at the expensive of the buyer’s accounts being blocked. These activities provide the false impression that something is popular when it is not. Purchase gigs that will get real impressions from real people.

Ethics for Fiverr Sellers

If you sell gigs online, remember that you are putting your integrity on the line. The internet makes it easy to forget that we are doing business with real people – just like you and me. Being fake or dishonest is not cheating “the system” or some abstract computer program – it’s effecting people who have families, challenges, and needs – just like you.

So don’t promise more than you can offer (in fact, doing the opposite can get you repeat business). Furthermore, even if the buyer knows that you are selling something fake, consider how they might be using your gig to cheat others. Pranks and humor can be a lot of fun – but make sure that it’s not hurting someone in the long run.

Ethics for Fiverr Buyers

Most people make purchases on Fiverr because they can’t afford anything else. The site is filled with incredibly talented people offering great services for a great price.

But remember, these people work hard and generally need this extra income for something. While you are trying to save a buck, they are trying to earn one. Don’t take advantage of their need for a positive review by demanding 3 hours worth of time from someone without compensating them for it.

Furthermore, think about your customers. Yes, starting a website with 10,000 twitter followers gives you the impression of being well-established. But the internet has a way of finding and promoting high-quality websites. So rather than spend money on looking big – spend it on quality that can make you big.

In Summary

Yes, making money is a necessary evil that we all must strive for, but there are ways of doing it without being dishonest. Avoid buying or selling fake products, don’t cheat the person you are doing business with, and recognize that there are ways that your business can excel without using dishonesty.

What do you think? Do Fiverr ethics really matter, or should people be able to sell anything that they can find a buyer for? Leave your thoughts below.

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