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Promoting Your Band When You’re Broke: Part 1

The majority of bands are broke. If you are reading this article, then your band is either obviously broke, or you don’t have a band and you want to get started.

Becoming a successful musician requires an audience. If people don’t know you exist, they clearly won’t be interested in showing up at your concerts, buying your CD’s, and following you on Twitter.

Part 1 of this post reveals ways to promote your band by spending just a few dollars. Part 2 will share ways that you can use to promote your band while making money! So be sure to check that one out as well.

How to Make Your Band Famous for $50

After talent, the second most important thing a band needs is publicity. If you are willing to spend a little money making your group visible to the world, your investment will pay for itself time and time again.

Each of the following services cost $5! If you can afford to purchase all 10, it could provide a lot of valuable publicity for your band. However, if you can only afford one or two of these gigs, I believe that it is still worth it.

500 college radio stationsHave Your Song Sent to 500+ College Radio Stations

If you’re confident that your music is fantastic, then getting it in front of radio stations should guarantee publicity. This fantastic gig by JackPurcell results in your song being submitted to over 500 college radio stations across the US! This is certainly a fantastic offer for a band looking to get their music in the hands of teenagers and twenty-somethings.

Music Crowns Promotion to Over 100000 Music FansShare Your Song with Over 100,000 Music-Loving Facebook Fans

Music Crowns is an established online music gateway with a huge following on Facebook and Twitter. For just $5 they will share your band with their large following on Facebook! Another great deal for getting your music in the hands of the public.

Musician InterviewBe Interviewed on a Music Blog

LaserLife will interview your band on his popular music blog. While having a message tweeted or emailed out provides a fast boost in traffic, having your band written about gives a longer-lasting, established element of success for your band.

YouTube Music InterviewGet Interviewed on YouTube

While a written interview is always great, a video interview allows viewers to get a better glimpse of who you are and what you are like. On Fiverr, thebeefsolver is willing to interview you on his popular YouTube channel. This is another great $5 offer that is hard to refuse!

Play Music on RadioHave Your Music Played on

If you want to guarantee that your music will be played on radio, consider this great gig that will play your music on a station with over 30,000 monthly listeners! Consider having your music played on for just $5 and enjoy the thrill of telling people that your music has aired on radio!

Send Your Song to Up to 550 US radio stationsHave Your Song Sent to 550 US Radio Stations

Now that you have the college stations playing your music, let’s get it onto some other popular venues. JoeyJive will send your song to 550 music stations across the US! Another great deal for $5. Add this one to the college station gig above and your song can reach 1000 stations for $10! That’s pretty fantastic. Of course, it doesn’t guarantee play time, but it’s a step in that direction.

Radio SubmissionSend Your Music to ALL of the Radio Stations in a Single State

This gig is another impressive music submission opportunity. For $5, themusicmaster will submit your song to ALL of the radio stations in a single state. If you want to start local and build up buzz for your upcoming concerts, then this is a highly-recommended promotional job!

Promote Your Music to Bloggers Writers and MagazinesSend Your Music to 1000 Hip Hop Music Bloggers, Magazines, and Writers

There are many indie blogs out there working hard to discover the next great thing. This gig my purplepistol will place your music into the inboxes of some of these influential writers. If they end up liking your music, and writing about you on their posts, there’s no telling what type of publicity you could receive!

All Bay MusicBe Featured on the All Bay Music Magazine Website

While the music submission projects provide a great opportunity to be seen by many leaders in the music industry, they do not guarantee any publicity. Therefore, I have tried to include several guaranteed publicity gigs in this list. For $5 you can have your music placed on the All Bay Music online magazine. This is another excellent gig for attracting attention and providing backlinks to your content.

Blog InterviewOne More Interview on a Successful Music Blog

Publicity, publicity, publicity! Let’s get your band in the eyes of potential fans. Another excellent gig for promoting your music on an exceptional music blog is this one offered by sonicnights. These guys are a recording label, music consultants, and musicians themselves! Not bad people to begin building a professional relationship with.

Ultimately, the success of your band is dependent on the quality of your music. However, if you have the best music in the world, but no one hears it, you won’t go anywhere. So promote, promote, promote!

And check back tomorrow to discover how you can promote your band while making money in the process.

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