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Learn An Instrument for $5 on Skype

Did you know that you can take music lessons on Fiverr?!

It’s pretty incredible – both for students and teachers. Check out this list of teachers and share any others that you have come across in the comments section below.

Nudge nudge – if you are a musicians, great money making idea right here. In fact, record the Skype lessons and you can make them into a video series later on (with some editing).

Choose your Talent

Whether you want to learn the violin, piano, mandolin, or virtually any other instrument, jumping on Fiverr can get you a valuable lesson for just $5! For the price of a dessert you can become a musical virtuoso.

The following list reveals some great musicians that are willing to provide you with a lesson in the instrument of your choice.

Here it goes!

Jazz Piano

Floris Piano

A 30 minute lesson from a professional New York City jazz pianist for $5 is something that sounds too good to be true. Imagine being able to improve your piano playing by learning from NYU professor. You can! Thanks to this great gig by Floris (kikibu) on Fiverr.

Violin and Fiddle


I’ve taken violin lessons for many years – and it certainly isn’t easy! But a good teacher makes all the difference. Watson22 is willing to give you a 15 minute Skype violin lesson. A $5 lesson from someone with a bachelors in the instrument is unheard of. It may be worth taking the lesson – even if you don’t have an interest in the violin at all.

Mandolin Mania


With it’s own unique sound, the mandolin is an unforgettable instrument. And because it’s rather uncommon, it makes for a great conversation starter (I know this thanks to my brother). Anyway, if you have decided to pick up this incredible instrument, a ONE HOUR LONG lesson from Venco83 can help you get started with a great value.

Guitar – The Classic


No list of music teachers would be complete without an expert guitarist. The guitar is a popular instrument because it’s such an excellent one to have around. Young or old, the sound of a guitar brings back great memories for many. If you would like to improve your skills with this instrument, consider this great gig by ZackDavidMusic. He’ll give you a guitar lesson for 20 minutes on Skype.

Oh Yes, the Oboe


A 30 minutes Skype lesson on the oboe is available from Engunto, who has been playing the oboe for over 6 years. An essential to every orchestra, learning the oboe well provides many opportunities for a talented musician.

Toot Your Trombone


If you love to be in the brass section (I always thought that they were the cool guys), then YoungEsteban has a gig for you! As a trombone major at Portland State University, he will give you a 15 minutes lesson on the trombone.

The Drummer


Finally, the percussion. Shakker12 is willing to provide you with a 20 minute Skype lesson to improve your drumming beats, theory, or provide you with any other tips you might need. Become a drummer and rock all night long!

What do you perform?

What talent do you have that you might be able to make a few dollars off of?

“I can’t play an instrument”, you say.

That’s alright – have you looked at some of the happy birthday songs we listed in a previous article? Some of them can’t perform either – and that’s what makes them so good!

So seriously, in the comments section below, name a ridiculous skill that you have that you think you just might be able to make money with. If you make a gig, who knows, maybe someone will actually pay you for it!


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