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iPhone ios7 style business card for $5 by Wingle

One thing I love about Fiverr is the incredible mix of entrepreneurship and creativity! I chose to feature this particular gig because well…I’ve never seen it before I saw it on Fiverr! Today’s featured gig is an iPhone ios7 styled business card design for just $5 by wingle!

images5  index2Let’s face it, when we hand out our business cards, more than likely they will either end up in the trash or lost somewhere. If you are just another name in an email address book , you might as well be invisible. In our ever changing virtual world, having a virtual styled card makes perfect sense! Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

What Wingle has done is taken another excellent brand and created a product that caters to this specific brand. Everyone these days has an iPhone and with this new trend, comes new needs! This gig is a great way to fulfill one of those needs.

Wingle knows that first impressions are everything and his sleek designs prove it! His cards have the high vibrancy of the new ios7 design that has a shiny newness to it. This is definitely not your grandpa’s business card.

Do you want your gig featured on Fiverr Daily? Well leave us a comment in the comment section below with a link to your Fiverr gig and I will check it out!

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