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Introducing the “Gig of the Day” – Showcasing the Best of Fiverr

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How Would You Like Publicity for Your Fiverr Gig?!

The more time I spend on Fiverr, the more I discover how many amazing, funny, and useful gigs people have created. We, at, are now on the hunt to find and recognize some of the best gigs on Fiverr.

We are constantly seeking out great Fiverr sellers. If you think your gig is worth checking out, leave a comment on our website with a link to your gig.

Additionally, consider purchasing one of our gig review services. Not only will we purchase, rate, and mention your gig, but you will also be more likely to become one of our Gig of the Day recipients (if your gig is actually impressive).

How Can My Gig Become the Gig of the Day?

Share it with us! We can’t feature you if we’ve never heard of you. Leave a comment with a link to your gig on this post or one of the other Gig of the Day posts.

We will only feature gigs that are mentioned in the comments section of one of our posts. This ensures that our recipients are readers of the blog – keeping things more personal. So leave a comment now!

Or, of course, you can order a gig review through PayPal by selecting the service you want on the tab to the right of this article.


There are a few requirements for your gig to qualify for our competition. Here they are:

1. Your gig must have at least 10 sales OR you can offer us a free gig to review.

We want to ensure that the gigs we share are of a high quality. Therefore, if your gig has at least 10 sales, you are good to go.

Of course, sometimes it’s difficult to get started up, so you can contact Rob at if you would like to offer us your service – which will allow us to evaluate your gig.

If you purchase a gig review, it does not increase your chances of being a Gig of the Day or Runner Up recipient. It does, however, ensure that we will mention you on our blog in some form (and only positively – if we don’t agree with your services, we will refund you and not review your gig).

2. You must have a rating of 4+ stars.

We want to share great gigs. Therefore, low-rated gigs will not be considered.

3. Your gig must be ethical, honest, and REAL

We will not consider any spam tactics, fake followers, fake views, worthless backlinks, dishonest testimonials, etc. Simply put, your gig should not attempt to trick your client, their customers, or Google.

Additionally, we do not promote any “adult” content of any type.

Get Started – Share Your Gig Below!

We are launching our Gig of the Day posts on Monday. So leave a comment with a link to your gig and you may be one of our first winners!


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