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How to Promote Your New Travel Business for $25

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”
― David Mitchell

***This article provides additional marketing tips to enhance our previous article: How to Start a Travel Website for $99

When you put up a travel business, you start to become fond of quoting famous people and books with influential liking to travel, thinking that quotes will ever make an impact in your market.

You can probably count the days by counting your quotes. You count more and more, but to no avail. Ever wonder why? Yes, people are fond of quotes. But, quotes remain as words unless transformed into a more convincing form: something dramatic, highly engaging and  mystifyingly igniting. Now, you are describing promotion.

Promotion or marketing is the hardest play to master, not only for new established businesses – it is an eternal exercise that needs brilliance and genius on a constant basis. The business world is changing, so must this skill. It must evolve according to the progressing views and preferences of your target market.

Now, you must be in deep thoughts. Your business is basically new; you still don’t have the manpower and the financial capacity to steal a scene in the travel industry. So, you start to feel hopeless. But, wait, weep not!

There must always be EASY and AFFORDABLE means for your new travel business to shine, not just a little, but shine the brightest.

Here, I will count the ways. Pick that $25 from your pocket and begin imaging a business that doesn’t drive you crazy. Here are some offers to help your new travel business grow:

I will tweet your products or services to OVER 6,000 followers for $5


You see this account? This is a must! Capture the online scene. Make your business visible inside one of the most advanced virtual channels for conversation, Twitter. Wouldn’t you like 6, 000 or more people to read your live updates and juicy offers?

Consider MediaGirl‘s great promotion to her twitter followers.

I will publish your article on my travel blog for $5


Travel blogs are still the most conventional tools for the romantics. Travlers consult blogs to explore others’ ideas and opinions when it comes to places to visit. Tourists also ask for insights from the most trusted travel enthusiasts.

Check BettyRoberts‘s blog and be amazed by what she has in store, your business might be featured here one day.

I will make you an awesome infograph for $5


More people are visual than wordy. You hand them a 10-page book or a 15-page illustration and they’ll still grab the latter. Inforgraph makes amazing business tool, it is an artistic form of communication that can easily be understood. It catches the attention very well!

Check Liezel‘s awesome styles that might match your type of infograph!

I will advertise your business on a Pedicab in Times Square NYC for $5

Taxi Cabs

If you want tour ads to be cool, catchy and well, one-of-a-kind, you must invest your $5 dollars in this great gig! A pedicab cab is moving, it deals with countless people in a day – making your ads visible all over the city. Just make sure that your advertisement isn’t crazy enough to cause an accident.

Well, Fiver‘s unique way is in-demand, check it out before it’s too late!

I will design a creative flyer for you for $5


With the winning combination of professional and art touches, what more can you ask for in a flyer?

Flyers are the easiest and cheapest promotional tools. You can make things happen by handing them to the people inside that coffee shop near your site or simply to the people that pass you by.

Aleeshaaa‘s great designs are waiting to be seen anytime.

So what now?

It’s time to get the ball rolling with your business. With $25 dollars and willingness to work hard, you will surely drive your business to success. Good luck and get ready to shine!

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