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How to Promote Your Kindle E-Book

There’s a lot more to an e-book than just writing it

Once you have completed writing your eBook, you need to get it out there to sell. Marketing eBooks may look like an easy task but there are ways to improve your sales by promoting your eBook online.

Go through these gigs to for tips on how you can gain exposure for your eBook and sell more without having to spend much.

Be inspired by these simple tricks that can really boost your eBook’s popularity. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to purchase one of these gigs.

Design your book’s cover theme around the content of the eBook

artsyglamgirlIf the book cover is associated with its content, readers will understand the message and story better, giving them that extra push to read your book. Check out artsyglamgirl for affordable eBook illustrations.

 Create your own blog


Start a bIog that will discuss about your book’s features and storyline. There are various free websites to sponsor your blog. It is best to use an RSS aggregator that allows you to check as many blogs as you like from one computer. Try having yourpcapps create the blog content for you if you’d like.

Use Social Media to promote your eBook


Write an article of 500 words showcasing the content or story of your eBook then post this article on social networks like Facebook. Do not forget to link your article to the order page of your book for potential buyers! You can also have rasikarupika promote your book on her page.

Submit your book to review websites


Consider submitting your book through websites dedicated to helping you get book reviews or you can have mar_kie write reviews for you. Your eBook will gain exposure if you have good reviews to back it up creating more interested readers.

Offer free copies of your book

deegana It is possible to download your Kindle book in mobi format from your Amazon KDP desktop, save it to your computer and email copies to prospective reviewers. Remember, good reviews lead to potential customers so do your best! You can ask reviewers like deegana , justintime_ and cristinawrites if they can review your work.

Do you think there are other e-book selling ideas that we’ve missed here? Maybe you know of some awesome gigs, websites, or places to promote a new best-seller. If so, share with the rest of us!

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