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How to Promote Your Kickstarter Campaign with Fiverr

Your adrenaline is pumping, your mind can’t stop twirling, and falling asleep is next to impossible with all of this excitement streaming through your veins. You are about to launch your Kickstarter project – and it’s scary!

The truth is, many Kickstarter projects fail – and clearly, you don’t want to be one of those statistics. So how can you improve your chances of success? What can you do to ensure that your project goes as high and as far as it possibly can?

Fiverr Gigs to Help Your Kickstarter Project Succeed

If you want to ensure the success of your Kickstarter project, there are a few Fiverr gigs that can help you out tremendously. And if spending a few extra dollars can help your gig reach the tipping point, it is certainly worth it.

These hand selected gigs are sure to benefit you as you launch your campaign, attract publicity, and strive to accomplish your funding requirements.

1. The Kickstarter Project Promotion Guide

ebookThe Fiverr seller erea77 has succeeded in running his own $20,000 Kickstarter campaign – and now he shares the secrets in this in-depth guide that has been purchased over 200 times!

If you want an ebook that can help you prepare for a successful Kickstarter project, check out this fantastic gig by erea77.

2. Get up to 5 People to Back Your Kickstarter Project and Leave a Comment

Ways to Make Money in CollegeThe odds of your project being featured increase with the number of funders, comments, and shares that it receives. This amazing gig allows you to hire up to 5 people to comment and fund your project – a great way to get the conversation going.

3. Get Your Project Mentioned on

Another popular gig is this one by dahanz. She is a writer for – writing for the Los Angeles crowdfunding section of the paper, and she will write an article about your project! This can be a tremendous amount of help for attracting the necessary publicity to launch your campaign.

4. Promote your Project on the Kick In Show

With a fantastic blog and online show that discusses crowdfunding projects and the people who create them, samproof’s promotional gig can surely help your draw in additional viewers and potential funders to your project.

Furthermore, by having the Kick In Show feature your project, you are gaining even more publicity for you and any other projects that you may have in the future.

5. Submit your Project to 50 Top Press Release Sites

A very talented and frequently purchased Fiverr seller, cyberstorm’s press release gig may be the best on Fiverr! Getting the news out about your project is essential, and this PR gig may send in additional traffic over time – attracting the publicity of people who may be interested in your idea, but just not know it.

6. Submit your Project to Top Tech Blogs

If your Kickstarter project is techy focused, this gig is for you! pl2012 will submit your project to at least 3 top tech blogs (he mentions them on his Fiverr page). Again, the more media attention you can get, the better – so it certainly may be worth making this purchase as well!

7. Share your Project on Twitter

Two sellers with high ratings that state their ability to recommend your Kickstarter project are geek_squad and pretty_promo. Both offer over 100,000 followers. Of course, it can be risky sending out a mass tweet, as these followers may not be interested in your project. However, if you are confident that your project has a broad appeal, these two gigs may be just for you!

Wishing You the Best

It certainly is exciting preparing and launching a crowdfunding campaign! And regardless of whether it succeeds or fails, the adventure is certainly worth it.

And so, from to you, best of luck on your project! And feel free to share it with us – who knows, we might tweet it out to our followers.

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