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How People Sell REAL Traffic on Fiverr

Fake Followers, Views, and Likes on

For the longest time, there were a collection of Fiverr gigs that I didn’t understand. They had titles like:

  • I will send 1000 visitors to your website.
  • I will give your Facebook page 500 likes.
  • I will provide you with 1000 Twitter followers and 500 Retweets.
  • I will give your YouTube video 10,000 views.

How in the world can someone afford to send me 500 Facebook likes for just $5?! That seemed crazy to me.

And then, sadly, I discovered the secret. These views and followers were fake.  People develop programs (or “bots”) that can visit your websites. Additionally, other people create many fake Facebook and Twitter accounts, and then run programs that will cause these fake accounts to automatically like or follow your page.

Therefore, I firmly believe that these activities are cheap, deceitful, and a waste of money.

But What About “REAL” Followers, Likes, Views, and Tweets?

I thought that I had figured out the secret to these massive views and likes gigs, when I started seeing something different. I started seeing gigs that offered the tasks I had seen before, but using the word “real”:

  • I will give you 200 real twitter followers.
  • I will give you 1000 real YouTube views.
  • I will give you 100 real Facebook likes.
  • I will give you 500 real Twitter retweets.

This word “real” really cramped my style. How in the world could people send “real” likes and views to a website for just $5?

Although I initially thought that these people were lying, I have finally discovered their secret!

It IS possible to sell REAL followers, views, and likes on Fiverr and make money from it. And it’s more legitimate than I would have thought.

How People Can Send You Real Followers for $5

Through my online wonderings, I came across a type of site known as the “social exchange”. Maybe I’m behind the times, but I had never heard of these websites before.

Essentially, on a social exchange, I can use points to get more followers, likes, and views. I get these points from either 1) buying them, or 2) following, liking, and viewing other people’s websites.

Therefore, there are some people who are rapidly liking and following people across the web. They then earn a huge collection of points, and use these points to get the real traffic that they sell on Fiverr.

Are Social Exchanges Legitimate?

After spending a few hours playing around with several different social exchange networks, I would say that they are legitimate, but they are not perfect.

For the most part, the company’s try to keep bots away from the sites. However, I did notice a few fake (or at least “weak”) Twitter accounts that started following one of my accounts when I decided to use my points to get more followers. However, there were real followers and visitors as well.

Thus, I would place these social exchanges somewhere between organic followers, and fake followers. They are clearly real people – and there is a chance that your tweets will be seen. However, they are following you to get points, so most of them will probably not pay much attention to you.

The Best Social Exchanges I Have Come Across

If you want to try this services out for yourself, many of them offer a few free points for signing up. You can use these to send a bit of extra traffic to your website or gain a few more followers.

Who knows, maybe you’ll start selling these real followers as one of your gigs on Fiverr!

I would recommend checking out the following exchanges – if you sign up for all of them you can get about 500 followers or website views for free:

Mystery Solved!

I was ecstatic to discover how people are actually able to send REAL followers, likes, and views for under $5. I’m still debating whether or not this is a service that I would want to offer myself…

As for now, I’ll keep playing around with these social exchanges and, if I become convinced that their legitimate, I may offer my own “1000 likes” gig!



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