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Gig of the Day: You as an Anime Character! By alpk936

My favorite Gig of the Day articles to write are the ones where I have something to show to my readers. And today’s post is one of those!

You as a CHIBI

So I am not entirely sure what a CHIBI is, other than an amazing looking little cartoon character. When Alejandra approached me to test this gig, I was excited to see what would come back – and I was not disappointed!

After giving her this photo of me:

On a Boat

She turned it into this:


It’s me as a CHIBI!

If you’re looking for a fun cartoon gift to give – this is a great gig to purchase!

I am likely going to place this picture on one of my profiles as I think it’s an incredibly fun little cartoon. I may even buy a drawing of my wife in the near future! She thought this cartoon was absolutely adorable (her words, not mine).

This fantastic seller on Fiverr also has a collection of other great gigs (including a cartoon drawing of your fashion designs). It’s worth checking out! I am very happy that I cam across her.


Today’s great sponsor has been featured on before – it’s DonnaBellaDesigns – a provider of high-end purses. Today we’re sharing their sweepstake that ends TOMORROW! So hurry and enter now for your chance to win an elegant purse.


What Gig Do You Want to Share?

We are always looking for great gigs to share with our readers.

Leave a comment with a link to your gig and I will be sure to check it out!


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