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Gig of the Day: Write a Jingle for You

If you are ever looking for a jingle to get the word out about your business, book, or event, check out this great gig by DeniseSalmon. You can end up with something like this:

Advertise your business every single day
Do it in the most affordable way
Get a jingle , special words for your e mails and web site
Order the gig now, do something for your business that is just right

Yeah, more on line advertising and a great jingle
Will take your business to the next level
Check out the gig extras too
Start doing something that is brand new

Your business won’t grow if no one knows about it
So order the gig now, don’t you quit
Don’t say the business won’t grow
Or the economy is bad and everything is slow

Do you have a gig that you think the world should know about? Share it in the comments below!

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