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Gig of the Day: Targeted Facebook Audience UIDs – marketeranas

What are Facebook UIDs? Your Secret to Targeted Marketing

For some of you, the question may be arising, “What in the world are Facebook Audience UIDs – and what kind of benefit (if any) does this have for me?”

Well, if you run a business then this gig by marketeranas may be one of the most valuable uses of $5 that you could spend!

The Value of Facebook Advertising

Profile PicWe all know that people spend hours upon hours, every day, on Facebook. Therefore, for any marketer, advertising on Facebook seems to be an intelligent decision. After all, the people you want to target are CERTAINLY on Facebook!

But there’s a problem. In addition to the people who are interested in your product, there are hundreds of millions that couldn’t care less. These people will ignore your ads – wasting your time and advertising dollars.

The Benefit of Having Targeted Audience UIDs – You Advertise to the RIGHT People

For this $5 gig, you send marketeranas Facebook pages or users. He will then get the advertising identification codes for the people who follow that person or brand.

This allows you to target these specific people – ensuring that you don’t waste your advertising dollars on an audience that isn’t interested. For a large campaign, this could easily save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

We are happy to feature such a fantastic gig for our final Gig of the Day for this week! Truly, for anyone doing advertising, this may be one of the best gigs on Fiverr! It’s worth checking out.

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