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Gig of the Day: Promote your Kickstarter and Indiegogo Campaigns

Peter HeadshotGetting a crowdfunding campaign off the ground is no easy task. Particularly during the first couple of days, a strong promotional push is necessary to start the momentum rolling.

Although your project will only be a success if it’s of interest to others, even a great project can fail to receive funding if no one finds it.

That’s why Jazzyjeff99’s gigs are worth checking out! This Fiverr seller has helped to promote over 200 crowdfunding campaigns to his 40,000 Twitter followers. With a Klout score of 77 (very good) jazzyjeff99 has been used by IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, GM and many other big brands for social media promotion and marketing.

This Fiverr seller, whose real name Peter, is one of the top 100 most followed people in San Francisco – the center of the tech world.

I’m excited to feature this legendary man’s Fiverr account today. Not only is he a brilliant business man, but he has a great attitude about life as well. Check out some of his writing and see what I mean! Social Media Today

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Paying for social media promotion can be hit or miss. I’ve paid for tweets from other Fiverr sellers in the past – only to find a minimal (if any) response. However, with the vast experience Peter has, I’m sure that your content is well publicized when you use his services.

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