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Gig of the Day: Place a Love Lock on the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne

If you’re looking for a romantic gift, this is probably the best option for under $5. I love coming across creative gig ideas – and this gig by Phil_Good is definitely one of those great creative ideas.

Love LockAs Phil_Good describes this romantic tradition in the French city of Cologne, “As proof of their love, couples fix padlocks to the railings on the Hohenzollern Bridge; to ensure everlasting love, they then throw the key into the Rhein river below.”

Although you may not be able to afford a trip to Cologne this year, you can still place a lock on the bridge and have the key thrown into the river – all thanks to Phil_Good.

In this gig, Phil_Good will connect a Love Lock to a bridge in Cologne and toss the key into the river – with ample pictures and potentially even a video as evidence of this act. You can even have your initials or name added to the lock for an additional fee.

If you are interested in an extra stocking stuffer idea – or a simple “I love you” gift to put a smile on your loves face – check out this gig.

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