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Gig of the Day: Personalized Job Search-Proassistblog

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Do you hate your job but need your job?

You do have options-find another job! Many people simply don’t have the time to search for jobs, tailor their resume, and then send it out to dozens of employers. Just the thought of beginning a job search can make procrastination rear it’s ugly head-ugh!

Again, you have optionsFor just $5 this complete your job search gig by proassistblog can help you start looking for a new career without actually having to do any work.

Here’s what you getkeyboard-job-search

  • A personalized job search tailored to your qualifications
  • Free profile set-up with LinkedIn, Career Builder, and Monster
  • Application to at least 20 jobs that match your skills

An uber-useful gig

Get professional help from a professional gal and get a leg up in your career search. Proassistblog also has a resume writing gig as well as a mock interview via Skype gig to complete your job searching needs. Save yourself time, money, and start making a change today with this useful gig!

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