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Gig of the Day: Parkour Flip – SimonBeyond

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The First “Gig of the Day” Recipient: SimonBeyond

We have written about this fantastic Fiverr parkour pro in the past and we are excited to announce Simon as our first recipient of the “Gig of the Day”!

In the gig we are showcasing today (in the photo above), Simon offers to do  a backflip with your sign in the forefront. As you can see from his many sales, Simon is popular and well-liked on Fiverr. You can view this gig here.

There are three lessons that I believe every Fiverr seller can learn from Simon:

  1. Create an introduction video: People love getting to know the sellers they are buying from – Simon does this very well.
  2. Be personal: As you can see from Simon’s videos, he is talented, personal, and likeable. Why wouldn’t you want to buy from such a classy guy?
  3. Be friendly: Whether watching his videos or asking him about a gig, Simon keeps his conversations short, but friendly. If you want to sell like Simon, consider being friendly like him.

Another great gig of Simon’s, which he was thoughtful enough to do for, is this one. Check it out!

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Now It’s Your Turn!

What do you think of Simon’s gig? Leave your thoughts below.

If you would like your Fiverr gig to have the opportunity of being our “Gig of the Day”, leave us a link in the comments section below! If you have less than 10 sales, consider contacting Rob at to discuss offering a sample job.

Best of luck as you continue earning on the web!

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