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Gig of the Day: Have Your Press Release Distributed with Do Follow Links for $5 by thatprguy!

We all know that marketing is a business’s most important aspect, and it can also be the most confusing and expensive aspect as well. We can’t all be a jack of trades and now we don’t have to be! Have your business publicized by thatprguy for only $5.

This is him! That’s thatprguy!

What is a press release and how can it help my business?

A press release is an official document issued to the media about something. That something can be a product, service, or your business! It’s a way to let the world know (through the media) about your business. This can help your business tremendously. If the news source decides to release your press, then that means free publicity and traffic to your business. Not only does this provide free publicity to your business, by having your business promoted by other people, it helps establish you as an authority figure in your niche!

What does the gig include?

For $5 you receive:

  • Your press release sent to thousands of news and media sources
  • Your press release will remain live for 3 years
  • SEO optimization of your press release
  • 1 regular photo (up to 3 can be included with an extra fee)
  • 1 do follow link (up to 5 can be included with an extra fee)
  • 1000 words can be included in your press release (up to 2000 words can be included with an extra fee)
  • Your press release will reach an audience of thousands!

The gig does not include the actual press release, but you can hire someone awesome from the Fiverr community to write it for you! Overall this is an amazing gig for $5 and it is surely worth its weight in gold! If you have a really unique or interesting story, you may be contacted by journalists for interview!

Do you have an amazing gig that you would like to share? Comment below to submit your fiverr gig and your gig may be the next “Gig of the Day”!


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