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Gig of the Day: Have Your Dropbox Account Expanded by topx1_com

The Benefits of Dropbox

For anyone who stores massive amounts of content – whether backups from work, your personal photographs, or your huge collection of articles – Dropbox can be a lifesaver.

I would say Dropbox is the BEST service for safely storing your content online. I also love how easy it is to move files back and forth with the Dropbox folder you can place on your desktop.

The Drawback of Dropbox

One of the biggest challenges of Dropbox is the limited space that you can get for free. Although it is possible to pay a subscription for more data – not all of us are using Dropbox enough to make it worth paying a monthly fee for.

Topx1_com – a Great Help!

Fortunately, a fantastic gig is available to help out with your Dropbox space limit. See, Dropbox allows you to invite friends to sign up in exchange for more space. Topx1_com offers a gig that will send the referral traffic to your link for a day – providing you with up to 18 gigs of space! This is a fantastic value and time saver.

Lessons to Learn from topx1_com

This seller has actually sold over 1400 of this gig within the last 8 months! That’s an incredible number of sales!

How does he do it?

Well, if we take a minute to look at his gig, there are a couple of things that jump out with this job:

  1. Value: This is one thing that ALL great sellers have in common – they provide something that is of great value for $5. The most successful gigs are ones that provide value (in some form or other).
  2. A well-worded description: In addition to being a valuable gig, this job has a fantastic description that explains what it’s all about, what to expect, and the limitations. Very useful tips for any seller.

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