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Today this gig of the day is dedicated to more affordable marketing! Remember the days of good ol’ flyers? Well if you don’t, it is still a pretty popular form of marketing on college campuses. Have your flyers seen by nearly 15,000 university students at the University of Chicago with this gig by Heltho!

handing-out-flyers_ws_1381360507 (1)Some things haven’t changed and those grand posting boards with all the flyers about rock bands, political organizations, and rooms for rent are still very relevant on college campuses! I think this is a genius idea because college students would make an ideal customer for the affordable but unique fiverr gigs.

For a few extra gigs you can get an extra 135 flyers in color and he will even hand deliver your flyers to the dorms! This gig is especially special because Fiverr has also decided to feature this gig. Heltho is the most popular flyer distributor on Fiverr. He already has over 1200 orders completed! He has many other flyer distributing gigs so check them out too!

Have Your Fiverr Flyer Posted Here
Have Your Fiverr Flyer Posted Here

I love Heltho’s entrepreneurial spirit and once again Fiverr has served as a platform for people to make money in their spare time doing just about anything! This gig has inspired me to want to come up with a new creative gig! Keep up the great work Heltho!

Is your gig creative just like this one? If so let us know in the comments below and your gig just might be the next “Gig of the Day”!

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