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This gig is SO COOL! Have you ever wanted to be your own clothing designer? Well of course with Fiverr gigs you can be anything you want, even a t-shirt designer! Anish11k offers your own unique t-shirt designs for just $5!

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These colorful and decorative t-shirt designs reminds me of expensive beachy t-shirt prints found in boutique stores. They are super bright and colorful and his designs are authentic. If you were to buy one of these designs and print them on your own shirt, it would not be discernible where you bought the shirt from!

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For his extra gigs you can order three or six designs at a time. For all you entrepreneurs out there this could be the perfect way to start that t-shirt business you’ve always wanted to start!

Anish11k is one heck of an artist! One quick Google search of his username will show dozens of his pieces of art. It is refreshing to see a traditional artist showcasing his talent. Check out Anish11k’s other gigs here!

Do you have a unique talent that you sell for a fiver? If you would like your gig showcased here then hit us up in the comments below!


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