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Gig of the Day: Free WordPress Theme Install by biglilfish

I’m always a fan of useful gigs by talented people. And the gig that we’re featuring today is certainly one of those!

Mary is a talented graphic designer who focuses on providing website to musicians – but she works with a variety of other clients as well.

Installation of a Fantastic WordPress Theme

In her gig, Mary will install a dynamic and impressive WordPress theme that she uses on her own site.

After playing around with this theme a bit, I have concluded that it is AWESOME! WordPress already provides a great way for those of us without programming skills to start a website – but the theme that Mary installs makes it even easier.

The theme allows for you to drag and drop boxes to design the layout of your pages. Simply move a box, select whether it’s a picture, textbox, link, video, etc., and you’re ready to go! It reminds me a bit of how HubPages works.

So if you are looking for a great little professional theme for your personal website, web-store, etc., I would certainly recommend that you visit Mary and see what she has to offer!

Share Your Gig!

As always, we are continually looking for more great gigs to share – so leave a comment with a link to your gig and we’ll check it out. Pretty much any gig that is ethical has the potential of being selected – so share with us now!

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