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Gig of the Day: A Custom Instrumental Theme Song – hdflatbeats

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An Instrumental Theme Song

To launch our second week of the Gig of the Day program, we have found a truly talented Fiverr seller.

As you can see from any quick glance across – there is a huge collection of catchy musical offers. Whether you want a creative happy birthday song or a fantastic jingle for your

One artist that we have mentioned before, who is incredibly talented, is hdflatbeats. Not only is he a top-rated seller, but he has an incredible singing voice and great music-mixing skills.

Although you certainly need to check out his voice gigs, the gig we are featuring today is an instrumental mix.

For $5 hdflatbeats will create a one minute instrumental for your business or website that is 100% unique.

Now, Apple spent millions of dollars to perfect their startup sound. Unfortunately, they didn’t have hdflatbeats around to give it to them for $5. However, the rest of us can benefit from this great musical genius!

Things to Learn from Top Seller hdflatbeats

If you take a glance at this talented Fiverr seller’s gigs, you will notice a few things that can help you sell more.

  • If you have talent, use it. There are many rather lame and talentless gigs on Fiverr. However, if you actually have an incredible talent – like hdlfatbeats, make sure you use it.
  • Add videos. The top sellers on Fiverr really do all have videos to introduce themselves. This is something the rest of us need to get on – pronto.
  • Keep customers happy. Hdflatbeats has a rating of 99%! With the number of gigs he has done, that’s impressive. Make sure that you keep your buyers happy.
  • Offer MANY gigs. Currently, hdflatbeats has 13 gigs that you can select between. The more gigs that you offer, the more often you will come up in search results – so create, create, create!

What are you waiting for?

Start following in hdflatbeats fearless footsteps and see if it increases your sales! If you have thoughts or questions, leave them in the comments section below.

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