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Gig of the Day: 20 Royalty Free Images – Vlad56

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Our Third “Gig of the Day” Recipient: Vlad56!

The purpose of is to help both Fiverr sellers and buyers. Therefore, we seek to find and share fantastic gigs to inspire other sellers, and to benefit buyers.

Vlad56’s gig is certainly one that benefits buyers!

Over 30 Million ImagesOne of the most painfully annoying and potentially expensive tasks of running a website is finding high-quality pictures to use for your posts, promotion, and other visual needs. As the world becomes more “Pinterest-ized”, the importance of having a visual website becomes evermore present.

Vlad56’s gig is one that I have used multiple times. Look around this website – nearly all of the photos are ones that I have acquired through his Fiverr gig! For me to purchase the pictures directly would cost as much as $5/each – but because Vlad has a bulk account, he is able to get the pictures for a much lower price.

If I were to rate Fiverr gigs based on value, this one would probably be at the top! Keep up the good work Vlad.


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