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Get Your Blog’s Conversation Going – Tips and Helpful Gigs

Have you ever seen an excited little kid who realizes he doesn’t have anyone’s attention? He soon starts yelling (or acting in a way that implies):




You know, people never really grow out of this. We all enjoy getting attention – young and old. But there’s a reason for that, humans are social creatures – we need people’s acceptance, and we will do (or not do) a lot in order to gain the approval of others.

As a new blogger, you are that kid. You desperately need the attention of someone, anyone. You want readers, fellow bloggers, or someone’s pet cat to recognize you. But how do you get that recognition?

While content is king, conversation is queen. Even if you have great articles, people will be hesitant to comment until they see that others are doing it. There are three things that you can do to get the conversation started on your blog.

1. Get your friends commenting!

Pay, beg, and plead with your friends to leave a few comments and this could help get your website moving. Of course, you might get a few “What’s up big nose?” or “You owe me dinner” comments. But at least conversation is moving.

Unfortunately, there are times when asking your friend to comment won’t work. For example, if you are writing about something that they have no idea about. Or, perhaps you are a bit embarrassed and you don’t want to tell them about the blog until it’s a bit of a success. If that’s the case, there are other options.

2. Comment on other people’s blogs

Remember that little kid that likes attention? Yes, that’s you with your blog. But that’s also everyone else who’s starting a blog. So get out there and comment on other people’s websites – leaving a link to your website. If you select other people just starting out (without many comments yet) they may be likely to return the commenting favor.

3. Bring in the pros!

If the conversation just isn’t getting started, then it may be time to bring in the big boys (and girls). Using Fiverr you can find a few great commenters who will happily make your blog more lively for just $5. Perhaps, all you need for the conversation to move along is to, well, actually have a conversation.

I’ve brought together a few gigs from Fiverr that can help get the conversation on your site going. Consider spending a few dollars to get these people to comment. And who knows, if they like your site, they may keep coming back and commenting more!

10 comments from tiffanyebarryTiffanyEBarry

Tiffany’s offer is hard to turn down! As a professional writer and blogger, she is willing to leave 10 insightful comments. That’s a steal of a deal. Additionally, she will share two of the articles with her social network – helping you attract even more readers! I would recommend going and checking out TiffanyEBarry‘s gig on Fiverr right now. You’re blog will start filling with comments in no time.

On a BoatRLErich

This is my own gig. And so I can personally vouch for the quality. If this guy doesn’t perform, I’ll give him a smack in the nose. Basically, for $5 I’m willing to leave 5 insightful comments and tweet one of your posts to my of 3000+ followers. I enjoy getting into exciting conversations, reading great content, and sharing good ideas. So visit my profile  and order any gig – then tell me that you would like me to leave a few comments for you. I would love to help get your conversation going!


Now, what’s better than getting a bunch of comments? Getting them spread out over an extended period of time! MamaMusing will leave 5 comments on your blog over a 5 day period. Therefore, if you’re creating content on a regular basis, you can be sure that there will be a comment on it within a day – getting the conversation going immediately.

knutofstbo faceKnutofstbo

Another helpful fellow is Knutofstbo. He also agrees to leave 5 comments over a period of 5 days. As an author, blogger, musician, youth mentor, and sales professional, he has a lot of wisdom that will make him a useful commenter on virtually any topic. Knutofstbo promises to leave great, relevant comments. Since he helps kids, you should probably help him and buy his gig.


Another useful commenter is JeskaBelieves – who promises to leave 5 interesting and useful comments on your blog. If she has a lot to say about the topic, she says they could get rather long – but she promises at least a couple of sentences for each one. She’s relatively new on Fiverr, but I think her gig is worth while for someone wanting useful comments.

Getting a conversation started on your blog can take some time. Don’t get discouraged. Keep writing, comment on other people’s work, and recognize that blog readership and commenting often starts slow, but will pick up as time goes on.

What are your suggestions for getting a conversation going? If you have a blog, leave a comment here with a link to it – I’ll stop by and comment back!


  • Knut

    A well written article about an important subject. Too many bloggers actually ignore the value of comments. A blog with no life is like an empty restaurant, nobody wants to go there.

    Thanks a lot for the kind words. I really appreciate that.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Rob

      Thanks for your comment Knut. I love the analogy! And it’s always easy to promote people who seem to have talent. Keep up the good work.

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