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Five Cool Keychains From Fiverr

If you’re anything like my wife – then one keychain is never enough. In fact, if your keys can fit in your pocket – then you don’t have enough regalia connected!

For those of you who, like my lovely wife, enjoy a little extra bulk on your keys – to keep you from losing them (or moving them), then I would recommend that you check out these 5 great Fiverr gigs!

A Retro-Looking Perler Beads Keychain

beadsIf you’re looking for a fun perler bead keychain with a Mario or similar twist to it, check out this great keychain gig by icrazdrift. This talented and impressive driver is also deaf – but as you can tell, he doesn’t let it get in the way of accomplishing great things in life! Truly, an inspirational man.

Personalized Key Chain

keyringIf you would like a keychain with your name, your loved one, or perhaps even someone you despise (for some strange reason), then I would check out mloscher’s personalized key chain gig. It’s a classy looking keychain that can help identify your keys – a great gift for the person who frequently loses her (or his) keys.

The Bottle Keychain

il_fullxfull_368706256Another little keychain that I thought was pretty cool was this¬†bottle keychain ¬†by endlesslust. The bottle can be personalized with the text that you want and she will fill it with the type of liquid you want – to make it look watery or syrupy (although I am imagining that you probably shouldn’t drink it). A cool little gift.

A Heart-Shaped Keychain with a Photo

photo keychainWe all enjoy having those loved ones close. If you want to keep a picture of your special someone on your keys, then cromif has the perfect gig for you. She will put a picture of your special someone, along with a message, in a heart-shaped keychain. I thought that this was a special gift idea – something I could see meaning a lot to certain people.

A Personalized Penny Keychain

20131021_194905What’s better than a lucky penny? A personalized penny! And that’s exactly what you’ll get from sammid in this creative gig. Choose a message that you would like stamped onto a penny and you will receive a great little keychain with that message embedded! Certainly a fun gift that could bring good luck.

The Fun Continues

There are all kinds of fun and creative gigs on Do you have any of your own that you would like to recommend? Perhaps a creative one that you have discovered? Share it in the comments section!

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