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GIG OF THE DAY:Complete Any Task in HTML, CSS, or JavaScript for just $5 from Costinio

Do you recognize the picture below? Yea me neither! If you don’t know what it is, it’s called HTML code, otherwise know as Hyper Text Markup Language. It is the words that you see on each webpage. In fact you’re looking at it right now!

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Add some CSS and Java Script in there and you have yourself an entire website. Programming is a super valuable skill that everyone should have but many of us don’t.  With technology moving forward so quickly it is important that everyone have a web presence. You have to pay someone to make a website but then you still need someone to help maintain it. Sometimes just web maintenance alone can run into hundreds of dollars becoming costly very quickly.  Costinio has a less costly solution with this $5 gig to complete any task in HTML, CSSL or Java Script.

Other Coding Languages He’s Familiar With 

Not only does Costinio know about those cool website scripting languages, he also knows about AjaxjQuery and responsive design. Some of the things he can do is assist with debugging, template design, editing, and homework assignments. 

He’s Good!

He just started this gig a few weeks ago and he already has nearly 70 orders completed with a 100% satisfaction. Amazing way to start a gig!

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