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7 Reasons to Use to Shorten Gig URL’s – a URL shortener created for Fiverr sellers by Fiverr sellers

There are a lot of sellers out there still advertising using thier Fiverr gig URL’s or “web address”. These URLs can be extremely long and tend to break when copied into a browser bar. They generally won’t fit at the end of your Tweet, and they just look plain unsightly.

Are you losing sales because of URLs that are too long?

Not any more. is a resource dedicated to Fiverr users, buyers and sellers, to shorten Fiverr gig URL’s.

You can shorten a long url such as:

into a nice, presentful looking short URL:

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using

1) shortens your gig URL so that it will fit into your advertising mediums, such as graphics, or classified ads where space is limited.

2.) We’ve all seen plenty of extremely long URLs in e-mails, on blog posts, and in advertising, in forums. Oft times when one of these long links are copied, if it is so long it returns to the next line, a space is added, breaking the link when pasted into the address bar. Shortening a URL will avoid this problem. Make it easy for your customers to copy & paste your link, and get to your gig faster and more reliably.

3.) It just looks better if your link is short and to the point. Long URL links can be off-putting and sometimes misleading. (Your fiverr gig URL does not change even if you change the title. So even though you offer 200 likes now, your url might say something like /yourusername/100-likes-for-five-bucks) Avoid this confusion altogether by creating a new custom link every time your gig changes. Your old links will still work too!

4) offers advanced tracking abilities, which means a lot of information about how well your link is performing. Find out if that traffic has been coming from your tweets, blog posts, or other sources. Also find out where in the world your users are coming from and what language they speak.

5) A URL shortener can make your not-so-fantastic domain name a non-issue. Have a Fiverr related site or blog? As long as these are relevant to, allows them. Do not misuse this ability or your domain can be blacklisted though!

6) If you’re using Fiverr, Twitter or other social media methods, a shortened URL will greatly increase your allowed character count. limits you to just 1200 characters in most cases. Twitter only allows you 140 characters in a tweet. Save an instant 50 characters of space by making short URL. If you’ve got a long, long URL you won’t have space for any words. Tweeting the link alone is NOT going to get you views. Every single letter and symbol in your URL goes toward your character count, so get rid of that long URL! Other good places to use short URL’s: Brevity, Forums, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, Email.

7) is Free to use for all users.

Understanding the necessity and value in using URL shorteners is extremely important in your marketing efforts regardless of whether you’re promoting your own products and services, or linking to some content just to share. Save your readers time, make a short link! – Simple, fast, and free resource for fiverr sellers.

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