100 Days to 5000 Daily Visits

100 Days to 5000 Daily Visitors, Day 6: Start a Blog Series

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself” – Peter Drucker

Yesterday’s activity: 44 visits, 42 unique visitors, 62 page views.

People LOVE Consistency

One of the funniest things about dating is the “perception” that consistency is boring. In reality, consistency is what everyone is looking for. I bet you don’t believe me…

Have you ever started dating someone, only to find out that they were not at all what you had expected? She pretended to like your hobbies – but actually thought that they were incredibly dumb.

The biggest challenges in dating come when people’s words fail to match their actions. She says that she loves basketball, but doesn’t know what a free-throw is; he says that he loves Jack Johnson, but hasn’t heard a single one of his songs.

The same thing happens in business and writing. We want to be surprised, but we want it consistently.

As a writer, a great way to develop this surprised consistency, is through developing a blog series. This gives people a reason to keep coming back to your blog – to see what is going to happen next.

What is a Blog Series?

A blog series is essentially a story that progresses beyond a single post. You can write an article like “17 Ways to Make Money in College Without a Regular Job” and attract a decent number of readers.

However, if you start a series, like my “100 Days to 5000 Daily Visitors“, you will keep readers coming back on a daily basis to see what’s happening next.

Great Examples of Blog Series’

Every time you watch an episode of a television show that ends without the story being fully resolved, you are involved in a series. Some great examples of online series include:

Jia Jiang’s 100 Days of Rejection Therapy

This rather introverted immigrant wanted to overcome his fear of failure and rejection. To do this, last year he spent 100 days trying to get rejected. Every day he would make one request that should be rejected.

To his surprise, however, people started saying “yes”! Jia Jiang had some amazing experiences from people who were willing to comply with his crazy requests. Watch day 1 here and then consider checking out his channel – he’s determination and consistency is something that can inspire all of us.

1000 Awesome Things

Another great blog series is the 1000awesomethings.com website. This blogger decided to share one of life’s simple pleasures every week day – until he reached 1000.

Just over half way done, he has already been in the news multiple times, has written multiple books, and has even given a TEDtalk.

What Will Your Blog Series Be?

Although these two guys developed their entire blog (or YouTube channel) around a series, you can easily add one to your own blog.

To think of a series to add to your own blog, consider something that will be relevant to you readers, interesting for you to write about, and commit to writing about it consistently!

Adding content on a regular basis is essential for a great blog. By making it a series, you will keep readers coming back on a near-daily basis.

Have you run a series to promote your content before? Are you running one now? Let us know in the comments section below!

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