100 Days to 5000 Daily Visits

100 Days to 5000 Daily Visitors, Day 4: Recognize Others

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”  – Anne Frank

Weekend Activity: 41 visits, 29 unique visitors, 113 page views.

The Three Most Important Things in Business and Publishing

In offline business, the three most important elements of success have traditionally been location, location, location. With traditional newspapers, the three keys to success are names, names, names.

Once you have something that is of high quality to offer others, the next important thing is to be seen by them. Online, this is why publishing often and building social media following are good ideas.

After publishing high quality content, and getting it seen, the next step in success is to recognize and mention others! We all love recognition – and few people are willing to give it. Therefore, when you take the time to appreciate someone else, they notice and appreciate you.

Not only is recognizing people great for business and publicity, but it’s what life’s really about – and we often forget that on the web. Relationships and connections are what provide true value to human existence – it’s what we were created for. Therefore, why not improve the success of your own site while recognizing the success of others?

6 Ways to Improve Your Online Success by Recognizing Others

If you’ve decided to start making your own blog shine by making it a place for other people to shine, then try out a few of these suggestions below. You may discover that it doesn’t take long before recognition others gets others to start recognizing you!

1. Follow People on Social Networks

Let’s face it, even after high school we all still want to be popular. Getting new followers is always exciting – and it is an easy way to support someone without taking much of your time or energy. Feel free to follow me on twitter @fiverrdaily and @rlerich. Tweet at me and I’ll follow you back.

2. Share People’s Content on Social Networks

Did you read a great article? Share it and mention the writer. It’s a great way to provide useful information to others while letting the author see that you noticed them. It’s amazing how many casual online “friendships” I have made from sharing people’s content – and many of them have reciprocated by sharing my stuff.

3. Leave Comments on Articles and Blog Posts

Even the most successful bloggers will often take time to respond to well written comments. If you comment semi-regularly, the owner of a site will recognize you as a valuable follower and may likely be willing to promote your content to their following. And even with the lesser-known websites, leaving comments shows the author that real people are noticing their content and gaining from it. We all appreciate that kind of recognition.

4. Write About People on Your Own Website or Blog

If you take a moment and look around FiverrDaily.com, you will notice that I mention other people (especially sellers on Fiverr) a lot. Yes, this is because I am writing about how to make money with freelancing and micro jobs, but it is also because I have fun recognizing other people. And the awesome thing about it is – many of them recognize me back – increasing my readership and providing me with thoughtful support.

5. Link to Other People’s Content

This is related to #4, but linking to articles that would be beneficial to your readers provides more value to them, and gives recognition to another talented writer. Additionally, when you stop by their article and say that you are linking to it because you appreciate the content, they may end up linking back to you. The beautiful thing about online writing is that you have very few real competitors, as readers can view many articles (as opposed to buying only one car).

6. Build Relationships with Readers, Customers, Advertisers, and Suppliers

Treat everyone you interact with like royalty, and they will love you for it. If someone sponsors an ad on your site, when you are thinking about buying that item, buy it from them. If one of your readers is starting up a new blog or website, give them a shout out. With one project I was working on we had a writer for the Wall Street Journal mention us, and that was a huge help! His 140 characters really gave us a great start. You can be sure that he had a new fan (me).

It’s All About Giving

As you continue reading about my story, and my challenge to reach 5000 daily visitors, hopefully something becomes very clear: I believe that success comes, not from taking as much as you can, but from giving as much as you can.

Too much “business” is about cheating people out of money, time, and work. What’s the point of making money if you are ruining someone else’s life in the process? Instead, figure out how you can contribute, and I bet you will be pleasantly surprised at how much it benefits you in the end.

What are your thoughts? I am working like crazy to develop great content and make great connections – in hopes that I will be making a living from this website within the next couple months (or sooner). Do you have any ideas or stories discussing the benefits of recognizing others?

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