100 Days to 5000 Daily Visits

100 Days to 5000 Daily Visitors, Day 12: Write About What Your Readers Want

This is going to be my final “regular” 100 Days to 5000 Daily visitors post because I have realized that these posts do not receive the feedback that my other Fiverr-related articles do.

You have come to this site to learn about Fiverr, not necessarily blogging. Therefore, I am going to continue to offer what my readers enjoy most – how to buy and sell on Fiverr in a way that is fun, makes you some money, and helps improve your skills.

Give Your Readers What They Want

My final tip in this series is going to be: Give your readers what they want to read. When you end up with an incredibly successful article, look into it to discover what attracted people to it, why they shared it, and what useful information it provided.

Then, take those great articles and try to find ways to write additional articles and blog posts like those. Don’t get stuck writing about something that your readers aren’t interested in – give people what they want!

The Importance of Persistence

Of course, nothing takes off right away. The most successful projects, websites, and people continue to work hard for an extended period of time. Persistence is the key to success.

Therefore, don’t withdraw from a project simply because it’s hard work. Always evaluate what is going on and try to make the most intelligent decision possible.

What do you think?

Have you ever started writing about a topic, only to discover that people really aren’t interested in it? Do you think it is best to keep it up, or is it better to move on to a different project?

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