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100 Days to 5000 Daily Visitors, Day 12: Improve the Grammar of Your Blog Posts

High Quality Blog Posts are the Key to a Successful Website

Having well written, grammatically correct posts is essential for developing a popular website. If you want your content to be read from top to bottom, to show up on the first page of Google, and to be shared across social networks, then monitoring the grammar of your site is essential.

Most of us ignore websites that are written in poor English. There are many blog posts that I have come across with great content, but I don’t share them because of the dreadful grammar. If the post had been looked over by an expert, or if the author had used a service like grammarly, then the content would have looked better, and I would have shared it with my social networks.

How Can You Improve the Grammar of Your Blog?

I frequently discover grammar errors on blog posts that I have written in the past. It is often times embarrassing to realize that I have published something with a lower level of quality than I would prefer. However, because I am writing a lot, it happens often.

Fortunately, there are a few tips and services that can improve the grammar of your writing:

1. Grammarly.com

Free and Quick Proofreading
I have actually only recently stumbled across this service, and it is pretty fantastic! Not only does it check for many common grammar mistakes that Microsoft Word would miss, but it also searches for plagiarism – which can save many headaches in the future.

Although this service costs a bit, they do offer a free trial. After using it for a while you may discover that it is certainly worth the cost.

2. Find an English Expert

Even though I would consider my English relatively decent (business PhD’s don’t always have the best grammar, but we’re alright), I have several friends that I am able to share content with if I’m writing something serious.

If you don’t have any friends that you can contact regularly, you can pay someone to do it. A few of the best $5 proofreading gigs that I have found on Fiverr include:

These proofreaders are able to cover a variety of styles and texts. I recommend checkout out all of these gigs to determine which one is the best for your job.

3. Become an English Expert

If you aren’t interested in using software or hiring a proofreader, the next best option is to improve the quality of your own grammar. Of course, this will happen gradually over time as you continue to read and write, but there are a few tips that you should start keeping in mind.

Here are 10 grammar tips from grammar.net:

infographics - 10 Tips to Improve Grammar

Continually Improve Your Writing

If you want to have a highly respected and frequently visited blog, attempt to learn something new every day. Obviously, you must learn more about the topic you are writing about, but also study writing, storytelling, and blogging. These broad categories will inevitably improve the quality of your website over time.

Do you have any other tips or strategies for maintaining the quality of your writing? I would enjoy having you share in the comments section below.


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