100 Days to 5000 Daily Visits

100 Days to 5000 Daily Visitors, Day 11: Go Crazy on Twitter!

“Publicity is like poison; it doesn’t hurt unless you swallow it” – Joe Paterno

Yesterday’s Activity: 29 visits, 25 unique visitors, 52 page views.

So You Want More Twitter Followers…

The world seems to be full of possibilities for those with an impressive twitter following. While the average man longs for attention, wealth, and meaning, the twitter-popular blogger seems to have it all! So how do YOU get there? How to you become twitter-famous?

As I’ve mentioned before, there are many people who will sell Twitter followers to you on Fiverr and other sites across the web. Although this can help con people in the short-term, it is TERRIBLE for the long-term.

If you are in it to win it, DON’T buy followers.

Why not? Several reasons:

  1. It’s dishonest – these followers are all fake and you are simply giving the impression that you are a big deal.
  2. They are fake – which means that they won’t click on your links or visit your website.
  3. Long-term advertisers will abandon you – any smart advertiser tracks where views come from. No one will purchase your “tweet to 100,000 followers” gig a second time if the purchase results in 1 click.

But don’t fret. You want followers – I’ll show you how to get followers!

Effective Ways to Grow Your Following

Yes, being honest often takes longer than cheating the system, but there are ways to expedite the twitter-getting process. And the followers you end up with are generally much more involved.

So here are the methods that I use to attract twitter followers:

  1. Post Entertaining Content. Clearly, people will RT great content – and those retweets can lead to more followers.
  2. Encourage People to Share Your Posts. Yes, I will request right now that you share my articles on twitter – it’s a tremendous way to grow your following!
  3. Follow Big-Wig Followers. Google probably won’t follow you back, but the people following Google may. Follow people who seem interested in related content and they may follow you back.
  4. Unfollow Non-Followers. I use justunfollow.com to manage my followers – it’s a great free app for cleaning up your following.
  5. Tweet @ People. I often use twitter search to find people tweeting about related topics (like Fiverr), and then respond to their tweets. this has been an INCREDIBLE strategy for growing my following with people directly interested in my area.
  6. Use Twitter Exchange Networks. I’ve actually just started using cuilr.com to exchange tweets. Basically, you get points for retweeting other people, and you can use those points to have people RT your message. Sign up and I may RT you!
  7. Pay for Retweets. Although I do not support buying followers, I believe that paying to have someone with a large following retweet your content is a great way to help your best content go viral. Check out my gigs on Fiverr if you would like me to send out a tweet.

Twitter is King!

If you want to increase the visibility of your website, then growing your Twitter following is incredibly valuable. Most people never “unfollow” people on twitter (if they aren’t getting spammed), which means that, once you have followers, they will stay with you. This makes future promotions incredibly easy.

Do you have any other methods that you use for growing your twitter following? I would love for you to share.

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