100 Days to 5000 Daily Visits

100 Days to 5000 Daily Visitors, Day 1: Decide Why You Blog

Motivated desperation has created countless successful entrepreneurs. Maybe you will be next.

Yesterday’s activity: 106 visits, 41 unique visitors, 224 page views.

About Me

On a Boat
Sailing is a passion of mine when I have money. ūüėČ

My name’s Rob and I’ve been a perpetual student of business. After a BBA and MBA, I began pursuing a PhD in management but discovered that it was miserable! As of last week, I have officially dropped out – and I’m proud of it.

Thus,¬†I’ve spent 7 1/2 years studying business, with a passion¬†for finding ways to make a living flexibly, from a computer, at your own time, while traveling the world.¬†However, I’ve been too preoccupied (ie, lazy), to really make this happen.

I was becoming the epitome of the¬†phrase, “He who can’t do, teaches”.¬†Therefore, after dropping out of the PhD program, I’ve finally decided to pursue my dream of making a living¬†online.

Because I’m poor and newly married, I’m only going to give myself 100 days to¬†work on this project (while trying to earn from other online venues). If I don’t make it to a decent¬†level of income, then this blogging venture is over.

I’m hoping that I don’t chicken out before then.

About the 100 Days to 5000 Daily Blog Visits Challenge

In an effort to use my business “knowledge” for something that I will enjoy, something that I can make a living off of, and something that can benefit others, I’ve decided to challenge myself: My goal is to have 5000 daily visitors to this site (fiverrdaily.com) after 100 days of hard work.

By tracking my progress, whether I succeed or fail, I believe that this content will provide a valuable tool for others interested in making a living off of freelance blogging.

Why 5000 visits? From past experiences, I believe that a niche blog can make $10-$20 per thousand visitors using Google AdSense. Therefore, with 5000 visits a day, this comes out to $1500-$3000 a month.

With AdSense as a foundation for income, using sites like Fiverr.com, and selling your own advertising, I believe that it will be possible to earn an initial $30,000 a year. And of course, as you keep improving your site, the amount of revenue will keep growing.

Day 1 Goal: Decide Why You Blog

You can’t start a popular blog if you don’t know why you’re doing it.

So, let’s get started! The first thing we need to do is know why we blog. Here are several thoughts to help you get started.

1. What do you want out of your blog?

This is another important question. Is the goal of your blog to make a living financially, to promote a cause or idea that you believe has not been given enough airtime, or to find potential customers or clients for your own business?

Don’t place Google Ads all over your consulting website, or else people will click away and hire a different consultant. However, if you want to earn solely from your blog, then don’t be foolish and think that you can somehow make money without ANY advertising (which some people try).

2. What is the purpose of your blog?

The most successful¬†companies are the companies that know what ideas to reject. It’s not just about having the world’s greatest idea, it’s also about ignoring the world’s second greatest idea.

Therefore, what is the purpose of your blog or website? Is it to give people fashion advice, is it to help organize the world of music, is it to connect with talented authors? Once you know the purpose of your blog, write it down. And then refuse to do anything that goes against that purpose.

For FiverrDaily.com, my purpose is to discuss how buyers and sellers can benefit from micro jobs and part-time outsourcing. I chose this topic because it’s narrow (micro jobs), but also allows me to discuss¬†a wide variety of crazy business ideas (compensating for my easily distracted personality).

What is the purpose of your blog? Know what audience you want to target, and stick to it. And your purpose better not be “to make money”, or else you won’t. No one will serve the web just to make you rich. But if you help others, then you can earn a living as well.

3. What goals and milestones do you have for your blog?

If you blog is a fun hobby to express your thoughts, then this isn’t so important. However, if you want your site to develop into something significant, it is important to set up realistic goals and work towards those.

At this point, my goal is to achieve 5000 daily visits on FiverrDaily.com by providing useful articles that will keep people engaged, interested, and coming back for more.

I would love for you to come along on this journey with me. If you have a relatively young blog, let’s race to 5000. I’ll share my secrets with you, and you share yours with me! The beautiful thing about the web is that we don’t have to compete for visitors – they can view both of our sites.

LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS: Whether an amateur or a veteran blogger, I would appreciate your thoughts and advice in the comments section below. I’m working on achieving this crazy little dream, and your¬†advice would be HUGE!



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