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10 Languages You Can Learn for $5

The Joys of Travel

The world is a vast place to explore and it surely has a lot of things to offer. Experiencing new cultures, places, and people is always an exhilarating experience. Traveling is definitely a “must”.

However, if you are unable to travel right away, there are other opportunities to explore the world. Some people taste foods from the other parts of the globe while some people study languages – all from home! Great isn’t it?

Learning a language is one of the best ways to discover about a new culture – and prepare for you future travels. It’s never to late to start learning. If you check out Fiverr, you can find many opportunities to learn a new language. Here are 10 for just $5 a lesson! These Skype lessons will give you a great start as you begin preparing for your trip abroad.

10 Skype Language Lessons from Fiverr Sellers

10. If you’re rooting for English, which I know you are since it’s the international code, Fiverr has it! It’s as easy as viewing  Anilesh‘s offer and you can begin learning one of the most spoken languages on earth.

9.  Alb is offering you a basic Spanish lesson for $5 and you’re good to go as a Latina-wanna-be! Remember that picking up this lesson can be fun especially if you have a heart for pronouns because the Spanish mouth has a lot of them!

8. If you want to make it to China without getting a little flustered, Fiverr has Ghost Caspy to save you, she can teach you Mandarin Chinese that’s going to make you a fluent beginner.

7. French is one of the most loved languages in the world and almost everyone wishes to use it one day. Saxy Girl is willing to you help you out with this romantic language.

6.  India Anne is up for a German lesson to help you sound a little Philosophical in that German tongue.Languages of the world.

Languages of the world.

5. Hindi is the Indian language and it is also the fifth most spoken language in the world, if you want to start learning to use it, you must get Pankaj to help you out. Again, it’s for $5 and you are to get that Indian trademark.

4. Liyafendi is offering a lesson on the historical Malay language in case you need it when you plan to cross Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore. A Skype lesson is up to help you get over the phonology since Malay is not a tonal language.

3. Sang Hyuk is a native Korean if you’re looking for a teacher to help you fulfill your hopes of learning to write and even speak the language.

2. Wind Swept is up for a juicy offer to help you with the Russian language. As a complex language, it is fantastic to get this lesson for just $5. Have it now and enjoy the perks of being able to speak in that Russian tone!

1.  Thailand has attracted many toursist throughout time. If you are planning to be one of them, Fiverr Daily recommends you take a basic lesson on its language from Real Easy. A great Skype tutorial for basic Thai.

With the experience of knowing a language, you open yourself to knowing a country, a culture and its people! Stop thinking about learning a language and get to it! Hopefully these great gigs can get you started.

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