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10 Amazing “Happy Birthday” Artists You Can Hire

For the person who has everything, the best way to celebrate their birthday may simply be to sing them a song. Of course, some of us don’t have what it takes to sing a truly magical happy birthday. Fortunately, these Fiverr experts can sing for us – in their own, unique way.

Some of these gigs are amazing, others are terrible. Regardless, they will leave your special someone with an unforgettable birthday experience.

Laugh, cry, and be inspired as you check out the Happy Birthday songs on the following pages.

A Beautiful Ukulele Serenade

lonnamarie - ukelele birthday song

For a classy, jazzy sound, LonnaMarie‘s voice and ukulele provide an incredible sound that will leave you wanting to listen to “Happy Birthday to You” over and over again.

The Punkrock Celebration

ceneworksmedia - punkrock happy birthday

What if you could get Blink-182 to sing happy birthday for you? Well, that would cost a lot. However, this gig by CeneWorksMedia will get you a $5 birthday song from a Halocene – a band that has opened for Blink-182!

The Classy Man Birthday

hdflatbeats - Classy Man birthday

This classy guy sings in a deep, rich voice – giving you a birthday message that will leave shivers going up and down your spine. HDFlatBeats provides a birthday video for anyone who enjoys life’s finer luxuries.

Birthday with a Violin

denntinz - Violin Birthday

Sometimes a little classical music is the best way to bring in a new year of life. For the musician’s birthday, a violin rendition of the happy birthday song by DennTinz is perfect.

Happy Birthday from the Studio

tensecondsongs - In Studio Happy Birthday

The talented tensecondsongs will record an in-studio happy birthday in a plethora of genres – including heavy metal, R&B, rock – you name it! This is a gig that the hardcore music fan can’t help but love.

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